Monday, February 17, 2014

Target Wedding Registry Talk and a Giveaway!

If you asked me 7 years ago what items we would need as a newly married couple I would have looked at you like you had 10 heads. To tell you the truth the thought of sharing a home and a life with someone else sort of freaked me out!  Fast forward 7 years and one baby later, I have a clear idea of what brings us together, what we NEED and the things I love to have. There is no better place to find them than at Target! 

If I had only know how my tastes would change and how different the lighting would be in our current condo I would have made some different choices than what was on my registry 7 years ago. Good thing Target has great prices, I have since upgraded most of those things that felt dated or too dark (note to self do not always listen to your hubby, black on black is only good for clothing choices!)

Here are some of my favorites offered at Target that are RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!

I love to entertain friends and host a game night.  These is an ideal set for the groups I host, everyone loves a good drink!

I love to make this, and it's always a hit:

2 shots of Vodka
1 shot of the Peach Schnapps
1 shot of the Peach juice or nectar
1 splash of Pineapple juice
Maraschino cherries for garnish

Another item I did not know I would love is this guy right here:

I wanted so badly to register for one of those really expensive juicers, but felt terrible asking people to buy me something so extravagant (**note I did not feel this way about my Kitchen Aid!). 

I am so glad that I was able to check the reviews on and buy this juicer it was one of the best finds. It juices as well as the expensive ones and at a FRACTION of the price. 

Where you save money, you should also not be shy about investing a good products to last. I still use my Calphalon products on the regular, the Dutch oven is great.

This post is brought to you by Target, but all opinions and content are my own. Follow along with #TargetWedding.

Check out the new wedding registry catalog here

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday 2013

I am a fan of Black Friday. Not the stun gun, trampling other people version, but my own version! #MyKindOfHoliday

This year was very confusing. What time were all of the stores opening? Did it start at 6pm or 6am?
 Since nothing on Kane's wish list involves electronics I decided that the mayhem of Thanksgiving night would not be for me.  Instead I stuck with my wake up at 4:45am game plan! I wanted to enjoy my turkey and a little vino and snacks. Exhibit A below :) 

Exhibit A:

These lovely stuffed mushrooms were made by me! 

After the family fun and turkey hangover it was time to sleep it off and get ready. 

So what do I do leading up to Black Friday you ask?

1. Get the circulars and scan for the deals that actually make sense. I don't have money to waste on buying for the sake of buying, so i choose to be calculated in my moves to make the most out of what i can get! 
2. Plot your store path.  This years I had only planned on two stores, Target and Old Navy.  Lucky me they are right next to each other. 
3. Set your alarm
4. Get up, brush your teeth and get a coffee
5. Get to the store

This year when I got to the store I thought for sure something was wrong. It was not even 5:05am and there was no one there.  I missed the madness! 

Exhibit B:

The ladies cleaning up the front area let me know that i had missed all of the crazies, thank goodness!  But it was not even 6am?

I scanned the store and looked for things on Kane's wish list, posted here.

II did not see the item of choice for Kane but I did come across this scooter which I debated for a good hour.  Since the store was empty I took my time. That is not something I get to do with a 3.5 year old, it felt AMAZING!  I get it now. In order to have a nice relaxing morning I must wake up at 4:45am?! 

Exhibit C:

I decided that it was still early and perhaps the other target had the Big Wheels he wanted! 

So i hopped back into the car and headed over to my favorite Target, the "old" Target.  The "old" Target is only old because this shiny new one featured above took all of the new attention.  I am still a a fan of the original one! I am just lucky enough to have two.

At this point it was still dark out. I made it into Target, and it looked as clean and nice as ever. Not like in years past where at 5:45am on Black Friday it was like the Tasmanian devil tore through it leaving a path of destruction. The was a really pleasant shopping experience all around. To my surprise, guess what was still left on the shelf?

Exhibit D:

I grabbed it, grabbed a few little surprises and that was it. The sun was up and shining. Grabbed a few breakfast snack at Panera and headed home. Al of that and my hubby and son were still sleeping.  I love that feeling of accomplishment!  

Exhibit E:
This is a sponsored post, all opinions are ours (mine and Kane's too, he loves Target!)  Thank you for reading and supporting those who support FancyPants!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Handmade Holiday Fail

So, this past weekend I got the nerve to put myself out there and do a handmade holiday fair!  I packed my stuff, planned my layout, plotted my sale prices and was ready to go!
Sunday morning rolls around, I was ready coffee in hand and on my way!  I set up, I think it looked ok, I could improve for sure, but scarves are a hard item to display.
The fair seemed like it was going to be good, there was a nice turn out but I kept losing out to the two tables that featured handmade in a factory in China products. I thought the purpose of a HANDMADE HOLIDAY FAIR was to display and sell items that people spent time and effort in crafting, not reselling crap that was found online and bought in bulk.
Lesson learned, or maybe not. I would really like to do another one :( perhaps one that is better curated for LEGIT handmade items.
Wish me luck, in the mean time feel free to support my crafting here at my Etsy shop!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Kind of Holiday- Kane's Guide to Gifting (for himself)

*Kane's Gift Guide*

Sponsored by Target

Kane and I have been talking a lot about the things he would like for Christmas and he has hand picked the following item's on his short list (hahahha SHORT LIST I SAID- and he is only 3).
Target is going to be our one stop shopping for the holidays, for myself included.  I cannot wait to get my hands on some new PJ's and perhaps new bedding!
They have great deals including this gem: 
Books are a huge deal in our house and one of the number one ways we bond in a nice and relaxed way!  I always encourage reading (even after lights out i will always read just one more).  Kane's love of books is something i hope he carries this passion throughout life, like his mamma.  I would read all day if i could :)
Top on his list for Holiday reading and gift giving are:
The classic- How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The ELF!! Kane thinks the Elf is a must have, but not for Christmas-- This is a Thanksgiving Gift (if there is such a thing)
Kane's Elf-- Kringle, has been reporting to Santa for a good week now. We started early since we were having some listening issues. Needless to say, the listening skills of Kringle have changed our household dynamic a bit, in a good way ! This is a 5 star gift in our books!
I love creative gifts and Target covers's that area well! Art supplies are a favorite of mine:

Kane's Pièce de résistance 

THE BIG WHEEL- The original mode of toddler transport!
(these should come with running shoes for momma!)

Click HERE for the Entire Catalogue
This is a sponsored post, all opinions are ours (mine and Kane's too, he loves Target!)  Thank you for reading and supporting those who support FancyPants!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Strolling down memory lane with the Disney Classics!

So on this fine Friday night we are having a family jam session. Thanks to Walt Disney Records! 

We are reliving some of my favorite childhood songs, and I still know all of the words. Well at least some of them :)

This box set is timeless and hits on all the songs I grew up with and some that Kane knows too!  There is nothing better than singing with your kiddo. He is still at that age where he thinks my voice is magical and I could eat him up for that! 

This is his listening face. 

We now have a date to watch the Little Mermaid tomorrow night after my stunningly terrible rendition of Under the Sea.  

The box set includes 4 disks, with 94 original recordings. It is officially released on November 12th, but can be pre-ordered here at Amazon! 

It is also available at Disney Parks, if your there scoop one up! 

Stay up to date with Disney Records by linking up with them on Facebook and Twitter!

* This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and Walt Disney Records.  All opinions are my own, and Kane's too!  Thank you for supporting those companies that support blogging mommas!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday

image via
Thanksgiving is top two in holidays for me, so why it is being shelved like the red headed hallmark stepchild makes me CRAZY!
I realize I making a very generalized statement by saying "shelved" but I know I am not the only one who thinks we have already zipped into Christmas when Halloween has not even happened.
This idea was cemented when I saw an advertisement for a big chain store in my area that said-- NOW OPEN THANKSGIVING DAY!
This just screamed wrong on so many levels.  I am a fan of shopping but when did we feel the need to stop loving the NON Shopping aspects of a holiday? This makes me sad.  Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and gratefulness!
Reasons why Thanksgiving is amazing:
1. Being thankful, having your family feel the love and happiness that comes with being together, cooking, laughing and reflecting.
2. Food.  Putting love into food (that is code for butter, only kidding).  But for real (check out the recipe to follow this list)
3. Making memories and traditions, playing ball and laughing with family
4. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, even though I have lived in NYC my entire life, I have only ever watched it on TV, crazy right?!?
5. Looking forward to leftover open faced sandwiches!
6. Crafting while dinner is cooking
7. Teaching the next generation the meaning of Thanksgiving.
Try these yummy pumpkin themed treats, they are sure to remind you that Thanksgiving is near!
1. Earl Grey-Maple Gingerbread with Pumpkin Ice Cream-- link here...
2. Pumpkin Mascarpone Pie with Candied Pecans -- link here...
3. Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies-- link here...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Thanks Banksy, no really Staten Island loves.......

The other boroughs get insane pieces worthy of defiling. We get an ant infested Vagina.
I was so excited about the prospect of your art coming to Staten Island.  I waited and checked your site daily, wished we would see something edgy, moving, riveting or at least ludicrously comical. Then I saw STATEN ISLAND at the top of the page, waited and then saw it and thought, oh.
much disrespect to your creative process,